Login UI Zurb Foundation

Is there any code for creating something like loginButtons for Zurb Foundation? I’d prefer not to reinvent this particular wheel :slight_smile:

The useraccounts community package has a Foundation theme. http://useraccounts.meteor.com

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The useraccounts package takes me to demo pages that don’t work and there is no example project I could find. Is there something analogous to loginButtons or is it a more involved process? I’m not averse to writing a bit more code, but without an example or some dox, it’s a puzzle to figure out where to start integrating this. I’d be happy to contribute a few notes back once I figure this out.

Have a look at the quick start section of the official docs
I believe the equiveland of {> loginButtons} is {> atForm}

There are some boilerplates including the example about Foundation.

Be careful we’re transitioning the routing stuff out of useraccounts:core package and boilerplate are still at version 1.11.1.