Login Username Label change?

Just using the standard Accounts in a package like so…

 api.use(['accounts-ui', 'accounts-password']);

I noticed the Label for “Username or Email” pushes a hard coded field size of 250px off the edge of the screen (when properly positioned to the right).
I thought to just change the too long label to "Account: " so it doesn’t push the field off the screen or not even lineup properly (hence the no break space hack).

I’ve managed something like this.

let usrLabel = jQuery.find('#login-username-or-email-label')[0];
usrLabel.innerHTML = "Account: ";

in the console but I am unclear where the best hook for this is or what it would be in Accounts.ui.config or what people do here to fix this?

I noticed some alternative screen shots where the label is just grey text inside the field (that would be prefered, is there a newer version number needed or something?).
Is this so inaccessible aka undocumented that I should just build a custom solution, or is there a simple way to make it look slightly less “jr”.

Thanks for your help. It’s just a bit Frustrating, to see step one is falling short of my expectations.

Well I’ve just found this works nicely in my situation after some deeper digging into the structure of the accounts-ui-unstyled.js

Template._loginButtonsLoggedOutPasswordService.onRendered(function () {
    let usrLabel = jQuery.find('#login-username-or-email-label')[0];
    if(usrLabel.innerHTML) usrLabel.innerHTML = "Account: ";});

There’s got to be a better way, right?