Login with an OAuth provider via SimpleDDP

Hi all,

I have connected a Next.js frontend with a Meteor backend via SimpleDDP and everything is working fine. I also added the login plugin which is working with password login but I can’t find how to connect with another provider like Facebook, Twitter etc. The plugin description says it’s possible though. Anyone who can help me out? Thanks in advance.

I am not 100% sure if there are differences using SimpleDDP but you need on the server to configure your external provider via ServiceConfiguration (read the guide).

I think @alawi knows better if there are specifics with SimpleDDP that could be an issue, too

I’m stuck with the SimpleDDP syntax. Like this is the password example:

// you must pass password and at least one of username or email
let userAuth = await server.login({
  user: {

But I can’t figure out what the equivalent for loginWithFacebook would be. I tried

server.login({service: "facebook"})



I’ve only implemented username and password authentication with SimpleDDP following this, that was our requirement.

SimpleDDP only manages the DDP calls to the server but I think extra logic is needed to handle the oauth flow which is implemented in the Meteor Account package, I’m not 100% sure but I’d suggest taking a look at Meteor account package implementation for oauth.

@gregivy might have some additional thoughts on this.

Thanks for the quick help so far guys. The package says " Use it to authenticate with any Meteor.Accounts login provider (also custom)" so I was under the impression it would be simple to add.