Login with linkedin account in application

Hello friends,

I want to build an app for a school assignment using Meteor.
I am new with Meteor and just completed the book: Discover Meteor

The idea is this: As a boss you want to see the linkedin data from the people who work for you.
Let’s say I am the boss of 5 people that work for me, I will have an admin account in the application.
My workers will go to the web application and sign in with their linkedin accounts, the data then has to be saved.
What I want to know as boss of my workers is this: I want to know what skills they have, so I get a better insight in my workers.
So the workers linkedin profiles will have to be read and their skills have to be saved.
Let’s say I have 5 workers, each of them has 1 skill (like Javascript or .NET)
I, as a boss, then want to see an overview of the skills of my workers in a piechart or a diagram.
That’s basically it, I have no idea where to start on this.
Any help or directiions would be appreciated!


This should get you started.

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I wrote an accounts package too if you need that as well.


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