Login with Service using token

Hi, I am trying to implement a signup flow like Airbnb. It works basically like this:
1.Try to login with Google and select the Google account
2.If user is new then redirect to a new page to finish signing up (agree to terms and conditions etc)
3.Click on “finish signup” and get redirected.

The problem is that when using Meteor.loginWithGoogle, it always asks to select the Google account, but I want that at step 3, when I click on “finish signup” to not get asked to select the account again, is there a way to achieve this? something like getting a token and logging in using it without calling Meteor.loginWithGoogle?

My workaround is that if you did not agree to terms and conditions even if you are logged in, the app acts like you are not logged in, but this might introduce small bugs so I want to avoid this, I want the user to be logged out completely after step 1


You have to create your custom token-based login wherein you send the token on step 2 and use that token to login on clicking “finish signup”

Do you actually force logout ?

No, I ended up using the Accounts.validateLoginAttempt method and throwing an error