{{> loginButtons}} only displays loading symbol on Meteor 1.2


I am using Meteor accounts, accounts-ui, and my own accounts-edmodo in my app. accounts-edmodo has these dependencies, below. As you can see, I’ve upgraded less per the breaking changes guide, yet my app only shows a loading symbol where the login button from {{> loginButtons}} used to be.

Thoughts on what I need to do fix this? Is a dependency missing that I was relying on?

Package.onUse(function(api) {
  api.use('accounts-base@1.2.0', ['client', 'server']);
  // Export Accounts (etc) to packages using this one.
  api.imply('accounts-base', ['client', 'server']);
  api.use('accounts-oauth@1.1.5', ['client', 'server']);
  api.use('less@2.5.0_2', ['client', 'server']);
  api.use('merlin:edmodo@1.0.2', ['client', 'server']);

  api.addFiles('edmodo_login_button.less', 'client');


On a side note, if you know how to remove the version numbers from core packages (like less or accounts-base) without having Meteor yell at you, please let me know.


You can use api.versionsFrom('') to get all of the core version numbers filled in automatically. You can use meteor create --package to get this boilerplate automatically.


That solves the version number issue. Thanks.

Any thoughts on why it only display a loading symbol?


I don’t know - I would only be able to diagnose it if you post a complete app where it happens. It’s hard to tell in general.