loginServiceConfiguration - different clientId for same login

We use the same server for web and iOS. On the server there is a meteor_accounts_loginServiceConfiguration, which contains the various services (Twitter, Google, Apple, Facebook etc). One of the services that I am using has two different clientIds, one is the App Id (for iOS) and the other is the Web Id (aka Service Id), but these are both recognized as clientId, depending on if you are on app or web. The meteor settings.js file clientId needs to match the clientId that is in loginServiceConfiguration (so clientId is declared in two places). I can get either the iOS App or the Web App to login successfully, depending whether I put the app clientId or the web clientId in the loginServiceConfiguration file, but not both.

I’m not certain, but I believe the meteor auth.js package needs to be modified in this instance to be able to alternate which clientId to use, based on whether this is the iOS app or the Web app.

Is there another way specify what clientId to use in loginServiceConfiguration on the fly (depending on whether this is the web or the mobile app?