Logout user when app redirect to another app Meteor JS

I have 2 apps, one for auth while the other for products. After login or verification of email, the user is redirected to the products app. On redirection, the recently logged in user is instantly logged out, so a reference to the logged in user becomes null, and I’ll need the logged in credentials in the auth app to authenticate on the second. How do I maintain the logged in state in the auth app when it has redirected to the products app?

This is the login function on the auth app

var callLogin = function (email, password, router) {
    Meteor.loginWithPassword(email, password, ( error )=> {
        if (error) {
            sAlert.error( error );
        } else {
            sAlert.success("Logged in successfully");
             window.location.replace( "http://localhost:3300/" + Meteor.userId() );

This is the onCreated function on the products app

Tracker.autorun(function () {

        let router = FlowRouter.getParam("_id");
        let AuthConnection = DDP.connect( AuthURL );

         if ( AuthConnection ) {
            console.log( router );
            AuthConnection.call('logins.user', router, ( error, response )=> {
                if ( error ) {
                    console.log( error );
                } console.log( response );
            } );

The logged in user is always present until the redirection that it becomes null. What do I do to maintain the logged in state of the user in the auth app?