Lokka - A JavaScript client for GraphQL


We published a new project yesterday called Lokka. It’s a simple JavaScript client for GraphQL. Lokka’s idea is to build a minimal client for GraphQL.

Then we can decide on how we can integrate GraphQL with existing apps & how to integrate it with Meteor.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll experiment on a GraphQL integration to Meteor. This is the starting point for that.

Looking forward for some suggestions and ideas.


Do you have any ideas for a simple way to use this to load data from MongoDB? I haven’t gotten a chance yet to see if there’s an easy way to put a GraphQL endpoint on a database.

There is no way to do it automatically. You need to create schemas manually and feed them from mongo collections.

This is not that hard. One problem is to find out the fields we need to filter from the DB.(based on user requested)
For that, we could use this.

Also, there some other projects like Graffiti which let’s you expose existing Mongoose schema as GraphQL.

With GraphQL, I like to think schemas as a contract we expose to the client(client side developers). So, I took sometime to build the schema.

Sweet! Really looking forward to taking this out for a a spin.

Arunoda’s always a step ahead of the game!


I didn’t know that Relay won’t work with React Native. So, I decided to try it with Lokka to connect to a GraphQL server.

Actually it worked smoothy.

See: Using GraphQL Inside a React Native App

I like where this is heading, I am trying to use Lokka in Meteor to connect with ArangoDB on another server but I cant seem to figure out where I do that, Anyone have any incite or example?