Long paths names make build on Windows impossible

File path like that:


kills build on Windows …

Any solution ?

Some techniques I used.

  1. First put it on a folder from the root or shortly from the root. That reduces the base length.
  2. Put in the lower level modules in package.json so NPM won’t download it too far in.
  3. If it is a “smart package” fork it and do the same technique for package.json

1st option is not working anymore. /paths are to long/
for 2 and 3 I have a little question , how can I properly remove packages from original meteor installation. Can I just delete folders? Ones deleted I can then add them using npm, right?

meteor npm prune --production will clear off the node modules that you do not need.

The problem is inside the bundle folder created after the build command, not inside the development folder

I recently switched from an Azure web site (node on windows) to mupx partly because of this. This problem was essentially fixed with npm v3 (https://github.com/npm/npm/releases/tag/v3.0.0), but unfortunately since meteor still uses an older version of node and npm, this problem still exists for meteor users. FYI, the latest version of npm is 3.8.6 (https://github.com/npm/npm/releases/tag/v3.8.6).

I believe that upgrading the node version that meteor uses is a priority for the next significant release of meteor, hopefully it isn’t too far away! :slight_smile:

Have found it’s solved with newer npm. The question is if can use npm@3 with current meteor release?

I tried using the latest npm (v3x) with node 0.10.40 and Meteor 1.2 to deploy to my Azure site (Node on IIS), but unfortunately couldn’t get it to work. I can’t remember the specific errors.

It started looking like too much of a rabbit hole, which is why I switched to mupx. This made a few other things better for me as well, like not chewing up as many resources on Azure because I could host everything on the one VM.

on mupx >> " It currently supports Ubuntu. There are plans to support other linux distros soon."
I deploy to the RH OpenShift .

I am getting this same issue and its very difficult to solve this problem without any third party app, i guess the best thing to do is to use a third party app like Long Path Tool. Just download it and use it to solve this issue. I hope this would help.

Windows 10 Insider Preview allows for long paths. In addition Meteor 1.3.4 updated npm which would reduce the long path issues.

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I smell spambots. Three times almost identical texts by people who just signed up to post one single post? With generic names?

Preview is not … Just tested.

I always go for the Long Path Tool. Works like a charm with this kind of issues :slight_smile:

Earlier I had these kinds of errors but not now because Im using GS Richcopy 360 which works like a charm. Its easy to use and provides long path name support, provides multi threaded file transfer and what not. Its worth a try, hope it helps!

If File Path is too long then I would like to suggest you, try Long Path Tool program to resolve this issue.