[Lookig for feedback]Product team news site

Hi everyone, this is not (yet) built with Meteor/Apollo, however we’d appreciate feedback from you guys already anyway :).

I’m one of the organizers of a PH based community for product team people (PM, BA, QA, UX), our new project is a site like webdesignernews, where we would like people to curate high quality content about product. We’ve done a design sprint last weekend and hacked a Wordpress version of it together. We plan on building a proper version of it in the upcoming weeks, this is an MVP. We’d be grateful for any feedback you have on the current Wordpress version (and our future design).


To give you an idea where we want to go in the long run, here are some designs. Our goal is basically to create a place where product people can share interesting articles, discuss them + showcase their work in the form of case studies, to make their work more tangible to people who don’t perceive the value of PM, since it’s often very intangible what PMs, BAs & QAs produce. Thoughts?

Since our Wordpress MVP is pretty shitty, feel free to give feedback on both the MVP as well as the designs below :).

Had a quick look, and I guess I don’t exactly understand the takeaway. This is the line that has me slightly confused:[quote=“AndreasGalster, post:1, topic:35177”]
to make their work more tangible to people who don’t perceive the value of PM

To me, this is more of a community of people already involved in the discussion. How do you make the jump to selling the ideas/content to outsiders?

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Quite frankly, you probably have a point there. Those designs really don’t reflect it properly yet. We’re planning to have sort of a behance for product case studies, where you can kind of draft how you’ve built a product. This is just fresh out of the oven as a landing page, I think it’s still not enough info to make it clear to you, we’ll work on a specific case study page soon, once we’ve done our first two manual case studies with some local startups :slight_smile: .

The idea is to have a mix between asking stuff we can frequently ask based on patterns we’ll see in our manual interviews + adding sort of an editor, where people can highlight commonly used patterns and tools that are being used in the industry.

(By the way, we’ve just uploaded our first podcast on www.product.cafe )

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