Looking for a Form / Autocomplete tool

My current setup is Blaze with Autoform. I am currently going through my application and looking to switch my form fields to some sort of autocomplete (pulling data from Collections) but none of the packages listed here really seem to work (and most are very buggy). Any suggestions as to what I can use, or what the more popular packages to achieve the same thing may be?

The closest I got to one of the packages working was with Aldeed:autoform-select-2 but unfortunately, there are some serious bugs when refreshing the page or navigating away (form resets but values persist)


I am using fourq:typeahead in combination with meteorhacks:search-source. Not related to aldeed:autoform at all, but works quite well. You can see it in action here: https://app.guzz.io/search/experts/

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Iā€™m working on a selectize based version. It can be used as standalone or as autoform. I will try to put it online somewere this week.

It can be configured by providing it a method name that returns options

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Do you have a repo for the implementation you showed me?

Sorry for the delay. Trying to have it generic enough to push it to github

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