Looking for a free Cloud IDE



I previously used Nitrous.io, but they are shutting down. I need a Cloud IDE with simple/native Meteor support, as well as it must be free, and not require a credit card (I am using it for students). Live collaboration would also be very nice.

Does anybody have any suggestions?



take a look at https://c9.io/… meteor is not native, but installation is pretty easy…


I looked at C9. The problem is it required credit card for sign-up.


I havent used C9 in awhile, but it never required a credit card for me?

It’s not bad. I prefer WebStorm, it’s not cloud, but if you properly use Github, cloud is kind of a waste anyway. Although if you use the free version, you will have to close/relunach every 30 mins.

Having more than 2 people editing the same project slows down cloud IDE’s a lot anyway, so I would think it wouldn’t be the best for students unless they are in groups of 2 or max 3. Few things are more frustrating than typing and taking a few seconds for your code to appear.


Hi All,
Have you tried https://codeanywhere.com? It has a free option and no CC required.

Disclaimer I am the Cofounder.

Hope it helps.


I was using Nitrous.io as well. And as soon as I knew that it is going to shut down began to search for a new cloud ide as well. Sadly I have to say that I couldn’t find something as good as Nitrous :frowning:

The above mentioned solutions are both good but it just depends on the situation.


I tried it, and this may sadden you, but I was unable to use it. It kept saying “Failed during handshake”.


Sorry about this, this error has happened for some users using Meteor. Although we have found the error and it should be fixed by the end of the month for all users.

Thanks again for you honest comment. :slight_smile:


Cloud9 has a pretty generous education plan, $1 per teacher per month with unlimited students.


I used it a couple of years ago to teach meteor , it worked well at the time.