Looking for a reminder solution

Sorry, this is not a Meteor request (although if I can’t find a solution, I may build one).

I’m looking for a tool that does the following:

  • Organize a set of reminders by project/campaign
  • Add multiple reminders to a project/compaign
  • Specify list of email recipients per reminder
  • Specify the text of the e-mail reminder
  • Allow for dependency between reminders
    • send this reminder 3 days after this reminder
    • send this reminder if the recipient of the previous reminder hasn’t acknowledged completion of an event

We use synced-cron.

  1. Insert the reminder with a scheduledAt, which is a new Date(), set in the future
  2. Run a cron every X minutes
  3. Have the cron look for any “past due” reminders
  4. Have the cron call your send email function on those reminders
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