Looking for a sample of a SOAP call in a Meteor app

Hi all,

Started reading up on Meteor and an app I would like to build would need to make SOAP web service calls to a third party system. I can’t find any samples anywhere. REST is not an option with this system.


hey @heckler,

I’d look at it as more of a nodejs question, as the integration is not unique to a Meteor server

So, I suggest this:

also, someone has already written a wrapper pacakge for Meteor:

I personally haven’t tried the Meteor package, but by reading the source I can tell it’s quite a transparent wrapper

Thanks @chenroth I guess I need to look deeper at how to integrate NPM packages. I did stumble upon that wrapper package but couldn’t tell if it would do or not.

Wrapping Npm packages on your own is very simple. I can write you a sample
package if you like

Awesome! I’d love to see a sample if it’s not too much of a bother

ok, i’ll create a repo for you soon

hey @heckler, i created an example for you at:

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You rock!

That doesn’t look horribly hard, I feel a little better now

The easiest way to add meteor-soap to your project is to do “meteor add zardak:soap”

OK - did this - appeared to run fine and when I call ‘meteor list’ I can see soap listed. However, I still can’t make a soap call because any mention of ‘Soap’ in my code results in:

Cannot find name 'Soap'

Frustratingly there are no examples anywhere of all of the code I need. Using:

import { Soap } from 'meteor/soap';

…just results in even more errors.

I’ve not used this package, but this statement should be:

import { Soap } from 'meteor/zardak:soap';

However, have you considered just using the most recent npm module directly?

meteor npm install --save soap

and then, wherever you need it:

import Soap from 'soap';

Note, that it doesn’t use ES2015 module syntax, so not { Soap }.

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I got it to work with zardak:soap package eventually a little after I posted the original post. I poked and prodded and cursed until it just gave up and started doing what I wanted it.

I’ll post a full (but sanitized) example here of what did the trick for me once I get off work.

ok here we go, here is what did the trick for me on meteor version 1.2. with zardak:soap

var myUser = blah;
var myPass = blah;
var url = ‘https://someWSDL_URL_or_localfile?wsdl’; //local file, could also be a remote http url
var pageCount = ‘1’;
var args ={
Some_Request_Criteria1: ‘true’,
Some_Request_Criteria2: ‘false’
Page: pageCount

    try {
        var client = Soap.createClient(url);
        client.setSecurity(new Soap.WSSecurity(myUser, myPass));
        var result = client.drilling.into.theWebService(args);
        var resultPages = result.Response_Results.Total_Pages;
        for (var i = 2; i <= resultPages; i++) {
          args.Response_Filter.Page = i;
          //iterate through the rest of the pages of results
          result = client.drillinto.webservice.Get_MyObject(args);
      catch (err) {
        if(err.error === 'soap-creation') {
          console.log('SOAP Client creation failed');
        else if (err.error === 'soap-method') {
          console.log('SOAP Method call failed');

doSomethingWithResults: function(result) {
    var eventsJson = JSON.stringify(result, null, 2);
    rslt = JSON.parse(eventsJson).Response_Data.MyObject;
    for(var j in rslt) {
      try {
          DO STUFF WITH RESULTS........

Have you succeeded also using Meteor 1.4?