Looking for a web/graphic designer

I’m in need of a web/graphic designer’s services. I’m building a client facing, static website, to display and talk about a product, and I need icons/jpegs in the style and quality you see on this website: https://sentry.io.

I can build the basic structure and look and feel of https://sentry.io, but the graphics/design part I cannot, at least at this level.

I wrote to them and they said they are all custom made by them.

Also, I’m ready need company logo too.

Anyone know where to get services like this?

If there is anywhere else I should post for something like this, please let me know. :slight_smile:

Have you checked out fiverr.com?

Filtering out all the bad freelancers is a nightmare on fiverr. Plus a lot of them actually just copy other designer’s work!

@aadams you’re more looking for a graphic designer, have you had a look here?: https://graphicriver.net/


@korus90, It seems like I’ve look through at least 5 websites dedicated to graphics/icons – they just all seem low-quality, cheap, generic, and the same. If you’ll notice, the graphics/icons on https://sentry.io are custom, super-high quality, color coordinated and pertain to the verbiage on the screen they’re next to. Even the header banner has a neat gif animation.

These graphics make the website IMO. I want the same for my website.

Thanks for the link, I’ll have a look. :slight_smile:

Hi there, Ciaran Gaffey here. I’m a freelance web designer with 10 years experience. Check out cgwebdesign.org and get in touch :slight_smile:

I’ve been using https://upwork.com (used to be oDesk) to hire graphic designers and developers for years and have nothing but good things to say about the platform. Fiverr is filled with crap and / or desperate people willing to shill themselves out for $5.

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Never seen that one before, but it looks really good. Much better than Fiverr at least!

Yup, it’s the largest freelance site on the net. Surprised you haven’t heard about it!

I’ve never needed a freelancer (or to freelance myself) so far, so it’s a bit of a grey area for me.

I’ve heard bad things of fiverr though, hence why I chipped in! :slight_smile: