Looking for courses or tutorials that build a full application


Good idea. Open source contribution is on my road map. But not until I feel comfortable coding. A lot of what I do right now is guessing without fully comprehending the code.


Discover Meteor is a great place to begin. The basic package is well worth the cost.

For more advanced Meteor I would suggest anything at MeteorHacks and/or BulletProofMeteor (Built by MeteorHacks). I’ve invested in the Guru package and I do not regret it.


Wow This is real value. I like both the blog and the course by Meteorhacks very much. When I finish up with Eventedmind I will take on the bulletproofmeteor course. Thanks

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In my experience, there’s never a point where you feel comfortable, because the more your learn, the more you realize how much you don’t know.

So I’m not saying not to learn, just that the feeling you’re experiencing now might not go away even if you keep learning.


So which path do you suggest to learn Meteor?

For e.g. I’m from Laravel. I know quite a few things about the framework, can handle complex things. And yes, I don’t feel like I’m an expert at it. And about PHP, one can never say one’s expert :stuck_out_tongue:
I want to migrate to Meteor for all of my future projects. Well at least, those which fit the domain.


That might be the best advice anyone has given me in years. Thanks Sacha.


Well, I can tell you what my path looks like:

  • Watched some of George Mcknight’s and Travis Tidwell’s videos on youtube.

  • Worked through Discover Meteor and build the Todo app.

  • Subscribed to Eventedmind for a deeper explanation of the components.

  • Building my own app from scratch.

  • I worked out every component I want my app to have on paper. And for every component I start with what I learned from the resources I mentioned. I keep the book open at all time to read up on theory and if I’m really stuck I ask questions here or on stackoverflow.


That is so true!

I’m at that depressing low point right now, where I understand the fundamentals and can help others get started and do some quite “deep” stuff. But whereas in the beginning I didn’t know what I didn’t know, I now know just how much I don’t know. :anguished:

(That made sense in my head).


Know what you don’t know and you know it all.

I don’t know who said that :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL … if only that were true! :wink:


Also, sometimes people learn with basic recipes. Having a full tutorial covering the big picture of Meteor can help introduce new programmers to common patterns in Meteor applications. The recipe based and exploration based learning paths are complementary.


Possibly you recall Sun’s “Pet Shop” application, that they used as their best practices reference model for Enterprise Java projects (pig of a thing!)

I don’t see MDG creating a best practices reference model, but I think this community would benefit enormously from such an initiative. Unlike tutorials, a community reference model would grow over time. Package developers could showcase their work in the reference model, rather than publish yet another isolated demo app.

I have been contributing to Meteoris. It is one of the many boilerplates and starter apps available, but I took a fancy to it because of its CRUDSS generator, and for its rather good roles/collections/privileges system. Compared to the others it seemed to have the right mix of services I wanted for my own application development.

I mention this because I am trying to ensure that when I add a new feature in my application I add the generic parts of it to Meteoris, and keep the application specific parts in my app. That way, when I need to develop another app in the future all my, and others’, invested learning and coding accumulates in a generic community app that I can quickly adapt to the new specific app – if you see what I mean.

Bit by bit I’d like to build a lot of the Meteor Cookbook techniques into it. I would love to see other, more experienced, members look at Meteoris and critique the design, so that I can :

  1. Understand the anti-pattern that was used
  2. Study up on the recommended best-practice pattern
  3. Learn how to implement the pattern by building it into Meteoris

I am not suggesting Meteoris because it is anything out of the ordinary. I rejected Meteor Kitchen, because it is coded in C++. I rejected Orion before the most recent version. That may have been a mistake. It may in fact better deserve to become the critical mass for a community reference model. Telescope and LibreBoard are too much their own app, whereas Meteoris is meant to be an empty shell.

Should this “Reference Model” idea be a separate thread? Category of threads?


Wow, I really like this. I had not seen Meteoris before. Thank you for sharing. I would indeed suggest that you create a new thread. No because it’s off topic but because this question for contribution needs it’s own space. It might get buried in this thread and therefore not reach as many people as you could with your own thread.

I will definitely use Meteoris in my next project.


I Googled “Udemy Meteor” and this came up - https://www.udemy.com/meteor-course/

You could also do some poking around Udemy to see if there are some other courses offered.

Good luck!


Have you read Bullet Proof Meteor ?

If you need advanced, then this is the resource for you.