Looking for courses or tutorials that build a full application



I’m new to meteor since one month. I like it a lot and the framework is intuitive to me. I’ve worked through the discover Meteor book and I’m subscribed to Eventedmind but I’m having a hard time grasping the advanced stuff of meteor. Eventedmind gives me an in depth look in meteor topics but in a simple way.

I want full apps and I’m looking for tutorials or courses that take on building advanced applications. For instance a Pinterest clone. I’ve watched some youtube tutorials and they helped a lot. But to a certain point.

I hope some has some good suggestions.

Thank you


Check out on youtube for George Mcknight https://www.youtube.com/user/geomck1967/videos and also you can buy a Project Management tutorial app from him here:https://gumroad.com/geomck1967


What does “advanced application” mean to you? Which features of Meteor do you feel are “advanced”?

(Because I find that once you start building ANYTHING with Meteor you’ll find that there’s not really something very advanced in Meteor, it’s all very simple and straightforward and the only things that feel a bit more advanced are the still-rough edges around some of Meteor’s features!)


Hey, thanks for helping me out. Maybe advanced wasn’t the right word. I have watched some of George Mcknight’s tutorials and they are great. But the thing is with all the meteor tutorials out there they all cover the same aspects. Routing, authentication, adding collections and so on. So once you know that, most tutorials don’t add anything.

I was looking for a tutorial that would build the localmarket app from scratch and walk you through it. The localmarket app seems more ‘advanced’ than the apps built in George Mcknights tutorials or the Todo app that everyone covers.

I hope I’m making sense here.

I agree that Meteor is pretty strait forward. Maybe I don’t know where to look yet to find what I need.

I’ll open another topic to ask for help with the stuff in my app that I’m stuck with.



Alright. To me it feels like you’re going at it backwards. The way to learn things / to program / Meteor is to have a desire to build something, to have a desire for something to exist, and then to go about imagining and moving towards it and eventually accomplishing it – and finding that through the process you have learned what you intended to learn and more.

Why the localmarket app? What is it that you would like to build with what you imagine you would glean from a tutorial that walks you through building the localmarket app? And then how about just setting out to build that and ask specific questions along the way?

(I don’t want to dismiss the value of a tutorial, and having lots of tutorials available for everything under the (Meteor) sun. But they can only go so far in real-world teaching. The fun and learning really only begins once you start building something you need or someone else needs and you have a desire to provide them with.)

So, yes, ask for specific help and I and others will be glad to give pointers and answers. And it’s great if you’re already full at it, building what you desire to build, and your statements just made it seem to me like you weren’t already!


thanks seeekr. I’m already full on building an app. It’s just that I’m stuck often so instead of asking for help every time. I asked for something else. Nevertheless thanks for your advice as I will ask for help for the specifics next time.


Well, I’m feeling the same! I’m new like you to Meteor, and don’t understand how to build scalable web apps with it. My specific problem currently is that I need to figure-out a nice way to organize the file structure. I have changed the structure 3-4 times already and I think I’ll do it again in a short while :stuck_out_tongue:
I read the work packages based structure, but haven’t read details about it yet. I think contributing to some open source project along with building our own apps might make the journey easier.


hey glad to see a fellow newbee with the same struggles. This article helped me figuring out the structure.

In the end it comes down to your own preference and uniformity. You can be very flexible with organizing your app. Once you go to far, Meteor instantly throws an error message.


I’m in the process of creating a tutorial with a non-trivial app. It deals with folder structure, collections, packages, etc. I’ll make a video series out of it. You can check out the project at https://github.com/ManuelDeLeon/phonebook

@quark Check out the project above. I use that structure for all my Meteor apps and have never run into issues. It’s pretty simple, every template gets its own folder with the html, js, and css (js & css are optional). The folder hierarchy resembles the app hierarchy.


Hey @simbilim! Thanks for sharing the resource!

I’m basically from laravel, so things have been pretty well organized so far in those projects. And I was basically trying to mimic the basic structure.

Nice article.


Checking it out! Thanks!


hey thanks for sharing this looks interesting


This is what I did/what I’m doing… I’m better @Meteor than when I started :wink:


I found some useful tutorials.

A five part series of building a Slack clone:

A twitter clone:

A 6 weeks challenge to build 6 apps


That 6 weeks challenge inspired me!

I initially decided to learn JS in-depth. Then I went through MDN quickly (comparatively) and started using JS. Got on speed in no time :smiley:


Eh. I don’t really understand the need for courses. Everything that is learned is learned by doing. Why not just take on a very challenging puzzle and figure it out? Dive straight in, theory is great but never quite lives up to practice

You can gain initial velocity with Discovering Meteor, which does delve into more advanced topics in a very manageable and easy way to follow (got me up and running with meteor in ~1 week). The coding style is very middle-of-the-road so it’s nice to follow for just about any programmer.

The Meteor Cookbook supplies a lot of interesting examples and I have come back to it quite a few times.


I skimmed over Discover Meteor, and implemented some basic stuff from the free book (with 4 chapters or so) and started working on side projects.

Although now I’m thinking about getting the book, but not really sure.


I do that, all the time. But I also do get stuck all time. So stuck that I need guidance.
Maybe it’s because I’m a designer trying to program.


You could also start contributing to an open-source project like Telescope or LibreBoard. You learn by doing, and there’s a whole community of contributors ready to help if you get stuck :slight_smile:



I’m a programmer who cringes at his own designs and refrains from designing. :stuck_out_tongue: