Looking for Ideas for good meteor projects to learn things with!

Hey Everyone,

I am a teenage developer who has done a lot of programming in Java for popular platforms such as spigot and have around 13,000 users for my plugins. I recently got into programming webapps and have been using meteor and react for component design. After watching around an hour of youtube videos I kinda just jumped in, and made some things such as a home-page and a webapp for calculating your performance points for a game called osu! and it seemed to help a lot of people and got upvotes on reddit, I am looking to learn a lot more about web development and integrations. I wanted to know if anyone has good ideas for a webapp, small or large that would help the world. I have been trying to think but havent really found anything I could work on for a longer period of time and learn a lot about different technologies out of. Dont worry about languages and frameworks as I am a very fast learner and can google my way through anything!

Here is a project I made in about an hour the other night with no real prior experience in meteor or react.

Anyways, I am looking to see if anyone has good ideas for projects which require more work and would help me learn a lot more!