Looking for Meteor developer

Hello Meteorites :wave:

We are looking for an experienced Meteor-developer to join our team and me for 3-8 weeks on part-time work wrapping a Meteor-powered project before its launch.


  • iOS/Cordova
  • Android/Cordova
  • Web/Meteor+React


  • Meteor
  • React
  • JavaScript (TypeScript; CoffeeScript)
  • MongoDB + Redis OpLog

First deliverables:

  • Upgrade to the latest Meteor (iOS; Android; Web)
  • Upgrade Atmosphere and NPM packages/dependencies
  • Prepare mobile bundles
  • Setup Kadira monitoring

Future work would include profiling and optimizations of the codebase. You will refactor backend and front-end codebase to utilize the latest features available on used libraries and frameworks (React; MongoDB; Methods vs. Pub/Sub, etc.).


  • Tasks are set and managed via GitHub issues and the project’s board
  • Follow GitFlow
  • Use linters

Working conditions:

  • Direct contract or UpWork contract (for non-US or non-EU developers)
  • Weekly/bi-weekly invoicing

Please, DM me your experience and hourly rate expectations.

UPD: Optionally you can apply via Meteor Cordova React developer needed at veliovgroup - Meteor Job Board


Hello @dr.dimitru


Sent you PM please check.


Feel free to also announce here for free https://jobs.meteor.com/

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Thank you @filipenevola good call

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Forms are boring, DMs are quick and simple