Looking for not expensive hosting for meteor deploy

Meteor has very useful deploy command, but every hosting provider has its own way to deploy project on their servers.
What I’m looking for is a hosting compatible out-of-the box with “meteor deploy mydomain.com” command. I don’t want to spend time on “demeteorizer” for node js or other solutions, if there would be paid version of myproject.meteor.com hosting i would definitely go for it.

Another thing is a hosting price, for example node hosting costs about 25$/month for one running service, which gives 300$/year, compared to php-based hosting which is about 30$/year gives 10times cheaper hosting, but of obviously losing ability to use node.js scripts. Does it mean every project based on meteor will cost me 300$/year?

AWS EC2 micro t2 (free 750 hours) + mup (free) ?

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Ok micro t2 gives 120$/year which is way better than $300 and after googling what is mup - it’s a node.js package, which makes meteor deploy easier, on node.js servers. Nice combination. I remain opened for other suggestions

as of today, it’s THE package for Meteor deployment.

you wouldn’t find a better, easier or faster way to do a one line deployment

reading your response, maybe it’s important to inform you that when you run a Meteor app, you’re running a node.js server

the client deploying the app needs node.js installed as a JS hosting environment, not a web server, which one would probably already have if one develops Meteor

mup takes care of all the server logistics for you, i.e. building your meteor app, setting up node.js on the server, uploading the app to the server and running it

Hmm If mup and node.js is all I need for meteor deploy - Heroku has a free hosting for one running service, so after installing mup i should be able to deploy Meteor app on their server for free.

Also I’ll look for up to 500mb free mongodb hosting, I’m sure I have seen one somewhere.

[edit] found a mongolab.com with their free 500mb db’s, so that should be a nice combo for testing meteor prototypes.

If that’s the case for Heroku’s pricing plan, then yeah you’d probably find more guys using that here in the forums

as for mongodb, if you don’t mind running it on the same server with your app, mup would also take care of that.

keep in mind single mongodb instances don’t support oplog (you need a replica set)

that means you would experience delay in reactivity of up to 10 seconds, that’s normal

10 seconds is fine, but thanks for noticing. If anything has some success as a prototype it won’t be a problem to invest in better hosting plans

can you help me to deploy meteor app on heroku.

I created account but I am lost for how to deploy.

Hi buddy, have you tried this? https://github.com/jordansissel/heroku-buildpack-meteor

Although everybody I’ve talked to says to stay away from Heroku for Meteor hosting.

@rorschach217 You might find this useful: http://justmeteor.com/blog/deploy-to-production-on-heroku/

You can always use MUP and deploy to a $5/mo digital ocean droplet.

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I currently do this, I’m about to make the website live and I’m interested to see how much this 5$ droplet will handle a user load.

I use MUP but I wish there was a more pleasant way ( I guess ? ) of doing things, I miss being able to just ssh into a server and git pull from my master branch to update the site.

Bluemix is free as long as your Meteor app uses up to 512MB of RAM.

It’s quite easy to deploy, too.

Just a quick heads up – if you are running your mongodb on the same droplet, you’re likely to run into issues pretty quick on the $5/mo option. I run telescope and mongo on a $10/mo droplet but the $5/mo definitely doesn’t cut it…

Even running Mongo in another container you’ll still facing issues as well. They recommended me to use a $20 one, but I think it’s too much for my app.

Thinking to move to another hosting now :frowning: