Looking for part-time Meteor developer

Job type: Contract
Working hours: Part-time with option of full-time in the future
Experience level: All levels welcome
Compensation: Hourly rate, based on your level
Location: Fully remote

About us
We are Hanbai.one, a German startup that is providing Meteor app for call centers to motivate agents and provide some fun aspects to their work. In addition to that the app provides statistics to managers to give them live insight into the call center operations and performance.


  • Develop new user-facing features or extend existing ones
  • Optimize applications for maximum speed and scalability
  • Ensure accessibility, internationalization and localization in all features
  • Commitment to security, privacy

Skills and experience

  • Proficiency with JavaScript, React and [optional] TypeScript
  • Experience with Meteor framework
  • Experience with MongoDB
  • Advanced English for communication and technical writing
  • [Nice to have] Experience with Apollo GraphQL
  • [Nice to have] Be an open source contributor

If you are interested, please try our code challenge:

For more information please contact: dvorak@hanbai.one
Or ask here.


I have sent you one email asking if you are open to hiring agency developers. Thanks.

Potentially, depends on the terms, but we would prefer to build a long term relationship with individual developers.


Thanks. I got your email as well. I’ll get back to you shortly after our developer completes the code challenge, and then we can discuss the rate & terms.



I sent you an e-mail, Quave can definitely support if you with that. We have Meteor specialists in the team, and we can help you ramp-up based on your needs (part-time, full-time, project-based, etc). Let me know if that makes sense.

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