Looking for simple deployment script

Hi guys,

So until now I was using meteor-up (like many others) for pretty much all my meteor apps. All good!
At the moment I am developing a “worker instance” for my main Meteor app, handling some background tasks and all that. Since I love Meteor and I want it to integrate properly into my stack/setup, this worker instance is also a Meteor app connecting to the same MongoDB as the main app.

Besides many other libs, the worker app is also using the headless Chrome lib puppeteer. Now I ran into some problems with missing libs inside the docker container after deployment (see here).

I am now looking for a nice little deployment bash script, which basically does some meteor-up stuff without all the docker stuff. So starting of with some commands outlined here, this script should just build my app for my Ubuntu 16.04 droplet, upload the bundle via sftp/ssh/scp to my server and run it there just with node or preferably pm2. No fancy docker stuff, no versioning etc needed.

I am frankly just a noob with bash scripts and would love some help here - maybe someone has a bash script for me to start of with? :grinning:
Any help is greatly appreciated! :smile:

Thanks a bunch,
cheers, Patrick



Weeelll @diaconutheodor to the rescue yet again! :smiley: Didn’t know of this package - thanks a bunch! will have a look!