Looking for someone to partner-up with on a product

Hi All,

I’m currently trying to develop a product in my spare time but the progress is incredibly slow, not just form a programming point of view but also from the point of view of just having a sounding board to reach a decision on the best approach.

Would be happy to discuss this product with anybody who has 12 month+ Meteor experience + React + Mongo.

Hi, I’m a product manager, business owner and software engineer with decades of experience. We’ve been doing all new development on Meteor for several years now. Our first production app was released on Meteor v0.6! I’m involved in the startup community in my city where I regularly help entrepreneurs on everything from strategy, business model development, analytics, project management and outsourcing. I’m an strong advocate of lean principles

Let me know how I can help!

Hi Max, thanks for getting in touch. This particular product most probably requires some sweat equity into getting it to 1.0 in return for a % of sales. Are you an independent or a company/agency?

I’m speaking as an independent individual, but I also run some companies, so I could bring their resources to the project (i.e. funding, more developers, customer support team) if I thought it was worth the investment.

I can’t help very much until I know what you’re trying to build. But if it’s an innovation-driven business, often the first step is to determine the feasibility of your business-model; that is, can you build it, is there a market for it, and can you reach the market?

Sometimes you don’t actually need to develop the product in order to learn if there’s a market for it. For example, if I wanted to make a business selling a book on Meteor Testing, I could write a few sample chapters and then take pre-orders for the book. This allows me to learn something about the demand for such a product without having to actually write the whole book in advance.

Often developers like to rush into building things, but as an entrepreneur of an innovation-driven business, your fundamental problem is the search for a sustainable business model. And that often involves “getting out of the building” and talking to prospective customers to validate your assumptions before jumping into product development.

So first I’d like to know what the ideas is, then we’d probably want to work on trying to validate some of the assumptions behind this new business idea.

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Hi Max, so setting the concept/product aside, how would this relationship work, i.e. you mention ‘we’ - is this a team of developers/business minds already in place in Japan?

the ball is in your court! If you need a sounding board, feel free to start sounding away. I’m listening!