Looking for UI components


I’m new to Meteor and I’m still trying to figure it out.

I want to build a simple app to remotely control another app via OSC, I was wondering what are the options for UI, I need sliders, buttons(push, momentary ), check boxes etc.
I’m looking for a robust UI so nothing like jquery or similar


Hi Andrea,

Bootswatch has a many themes that can be used for free and they are easy to implement in Meteor with CSS:


Hope it helps.


thanks for the quick reply.

Bootswatch looks like a collection of themes for bootstrap, what I’m after is a proper UI interface rather than web looking widgets.

If you are not looking for a CSS framework like bootstrap (that has buttons and check boxes and whatnot), are you looking for a JavaScript view framework such as React or Angular?

If by “app” you mean a mobile app instead of a web application, then maybe Ionic is what you are looking for.

And what about:

  • Material UI (React)
  • MaterializeCSS (Blaze)
  • Material Design Lite (React)
  • Semantic UI (Blaze)
  • React Toolbox (React)
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