Looking to develop an Uber-style app

Hi everyone

I’ve had an opportunity to create an Uber-style app, but given current full-time work requirements, I cannot enter into this contract.

I have responded to the enquirer, and they are happy to proceed if I can find another developer for them.

Here’s a short message from them as to what is required:

We are looking for an app which will allow us to book the ride, delivery for a parcel and order food. Its like multi tasking. Even different trade people use this app to sell their services. Like if i want to find an sparky i leave my job details and get the personal quote from different tradies and choose the cheapest one.

So it appears to be an app for:

a) Uber Ride
b) Uber Eats
c) Postal / courier
d) Hipages (an AU site for tradies to respond to jobs)

all rolled into one.

I don’t know anything about their budget or timeframes, but if you were interested, I can pass your details along and they can email you directly.

Here’s hoping someone can make use of this opportunity.

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Hi Luis

Thanks for your email.
As I said in the post on the forums, I’ve been put forward to help these people, but as I work full-time I can’t commit to taking on this project.

I will send your email to these people, and it’s probably better to interact with them directly.

Hopefully, they’ll get back to you soon.

All the best


Hi @bradzo,
Hope you are doing well,

I have gone through your requirement, Could assist you with the project as I have worked on a similar kind of project,
Kindly get back to me if you’re still open to the requirement,