Looking to switch to Meteor

Hello Meteor community,

I’m looking to re-platform our current product onto meteor. We’re a SaaS company in the fulfillment industry. Our current stack is PHP and mySQL, using Codeigniter as our framework. We have Python for a lot of the heavy-lifting and data processing, and a basic API done in Node. We also have an iPod and an iPad app built in Titanium and use Firebase for some real-time functionality.

I’m looking to consolidate some of those things by switching to Meteor, and make our app truly real-time. We would need to stick with our mySQL backend because Mongo just wouldn’t be a good fit for what we’re doing.

I’ve done a quick prototype using GitHub - numtel/mysql-live-select: NPM Package to provide events on updated MySQL SELECT result sets to connect to our database and ensure that connecting to MySQL was possible.

Everything looks good so far, I just wanted to know if anyone is currently using Meteor on production with an existing MySQL database.

Also, I’m assuming i’ll have to code a custom login system to work with our existing MySQL users table and password hashes. I’ve done some research but I can’t find anywhere stating how to persist a user’s login state without using the Meteor Account package.

Look forward to being part of the Meteor community soon! Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Sadly I can’t answer your question as I don’t have used MySQL with Meteor. I’m also coming from CodeIgniter/ MySQL and am interested in why you don’t think Mongo would be a good fit? Just asking because all my apps so far would have been better using Mongo I think : )

How would Mongo be an option with existing MySQL data? In theory you can of course replace it, but in reality you might not have the possibility due to other services depending on that mysql data, due to complicated data structure or other reasons.
I know a company that has to stick with MySQL4 for their main accounting system and php backend for some reasons.
Unfortunately Startups seem to be nearly the only ones free to perform greenfield development without having to care about legacy systems.
Also there are many reasons not to use MongoDB (depending on your data structure), but that’s off topic now.

Yeah, we definitely can’t move to Mongo, as we do a lot of data processing which wouldn’t be efficiently done using Mongo.

I was able to make my our login system work with Meteor.User() nicely.

I followed this article:


and also used the Bcrypt module to help with verify our existing hashes.