Looking up for a designer to design logos and other things for community related projects

This isn’t necessarily a job, more like a gig. Before looking elsewhere I would first like to offer this to someone from Meteor community.

So what is this about? I’m looking for someone to create logos for the various community packages under MCP, Meteor Impact and potentially others.

In addition I’m looking for someone to help with other design work like new design for Community meetups, Impact and so on.

As I’m a proponent of sponsoring FOSS, all of this work would be payed for. It is a right thing to do and I also want quality for this.

For more information or if you are interested, please send me a private message here on the forums or hello@jandvorak.me

If you like what I do and would like to see more of it, please sponsor me :heart:.


@arggh designed MCP logo so why not the rest? :man_shrugging:

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If @arggh has time and is interested I would love to work with him, but I would also like to give the opportunity to other designers as there is enough work to go around.


Thank you, I would love to help, but unfortunately I have currently committed about +120% of my time available to other projects.

However, I’ll send an email to @storyteller for details, just in case there’s some “low hanging fruit” I could help with.