Lost password recovery - cannot get focus on modal text input

I’m using the standard Meteor Accounts management package.

When seeking to reset the password, the Email gets sent, is received, and when I click on the link a modal comes up to enter new password, however I cannot get focus on text input field.
I can get focus on the ‘Set Password’ button and the dismiss button, but not the text input field.

Any thoughts please?

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[Solved, kinda] My normal Sign-in dialog/modal appears automatically at refresh, so when clicking the Reset Password link from the email, that Reset Password Modal was competing with the normal Login Modal. Even though the Reset Password Modal had foreground and buttons would work, it would not accept text.

Solution. By not having the normal Login Modal appear automatically at refresh, but rather invoked by a “Login” button, it no longer competed with the Reset Password Modal when it arrived and the problem has disappeared.
Remains unclear though why the two modals should interact that way.

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