M1 Sillicon Mac, Set Android target to Android-Emulator preview

I’ve installed android-emulator preview for M1 mac and it works.
But Android Studio and AVDmanager cannot create AVD instance because of virtualize problem.

I can see the emulator devices on the adb list

List of devices attached
emulator-5554   device

but meteor run android-device shows requisition is not achieved by Android target.

Your system does not yet seem to fulfill all requirements to build apps for Android.
Please follow the installation instructions in the mobile guide:
Status of the individual requirements:        
✓ Java JDK                                    
✓ Android SDK                                 
✗ Android target: avdmanager: Command failed with exit code 1
✓ Gradle                                      

What am I missing?

Self solve.
The problem was Android sdk tool version which was known of the problem.
I’ve downloaded V.23 (for old version) and it works.


For old project lik 1.10.x,
we need JDK 1.8.x, but when you install gradle with Homebrew, it installs openjdk15 by dependency and it adds itself to PATH.

So we need to install JDK 1.8.x separately and add it to the PATH to be prior than new jdk.

Finally, all good.