Machine Learning Meteor App Debuts on Product Hunt Today

Cumulo Creative designed and built Ellipse for Thoughtly. Ellipse is a machine learning academic research tool that uses Thoughtly’s API to classify, visualize and summarize large volumes of text. Ellipse rapidly finds targeted content with unprecedented precision and accuracy.

Meteor’s speed and reactivity were essential in building this app. It allows users to filter through massive libraries of text in real-time using dynamic variables, while rapidly generating beautiful visualizations and summarizing text.


that design is REALLY nice, give your designer a raise


They already work for themselves :smiley:

Can you link the Ellipse tool please. Sounds interesting.

Check it out here or you can find Ellipse on and give us some love if you’re so inclined :wink:

Yeah, the love on ProductHunt would be much appreciated :smile: And we’re going to prepare some blog posts about it soon, we’ve had interesting experiences that can be shared.


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