macOS 13.2.1 can't update to release 2.11.0

I got the follow error when update meteor to 2.11.0:

This project uses Meteor 2.11.0, which isn't available on this platform. To work with this app on all supported platforms, use meteor update --release METEOR@2.10.0 to pin this app to the newest compatible release.

Is it released?

Yup is released, but I have not yet placed it as the recommended version(usually I wait a day or two before recommending to see if we catch any bug or issue that was not caught in betas and RCs)

I tested in two apple pcs (intel and arm) and could update an app to meteor 2.11.0, the command I used is this one
meteor update --release 2.11.0

Just a quick one, Migration Guide link leads to a missing page.

Screen Shot 2023-03-08 at 11.48.41 AM

Ok, due to the new Mongo 6 the easiest way to migrate my development I found was to dump the local DB, upgrade, meteor reset than restore the DB

Found this really useful (update for your port number):

"As a quick note in case this helps someone (I just got good old error 62 with Meteor 1.10.1) you can also do the following to dump and restore, assuming you can get your db running:

  1. mongodump -h -d meteor
  2. mongorestore -h -d meteor dump/meteor
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Heyy, It is still not yet published the migration guide, but you can see it here meteor/ at d2644db2594c1fd16ee4a7b98a8a032a54fcb6ec · meteor/meteor · GitHub