Fixing Mongo Error 62 - Best Practices for App in Production?

I’m updating from Meteor 2.10 to 2.12, and getting the message on my dev system:

Unexpected mongo exit code 62. Restarting.    

I can follow the steps here to migrate my local dev system to Mongo 6.

What are the best practices for updating my app running in production on Galaxy? I’m guessing:

  • Log into MongoDB, where my mongo db is hosted, and make sure that’s running Mongo 6 for my db
  • Update my local dev system to Meteor 2.12 and push to Galaxy

Is that correct? I want to be very careful so as to avoid any unintended downtime. :slight_smile:

When you say your dev system you mean also the
embedded mongodb right?

This is only an issue in the embedded one as it includes files from mongo as well and not only your data.

You should be fine in production but you can run locally pointing to your remote db if you want to be sure.

Yes, the MongoDB that is installed and launched automatically by Meteor. I’m getting that error 62 with that one.

So in other words, I can update locally to Meteor 2.12, and then connect to my production MongoDB and see if everything is okay? If so that sounds like a great way to proceed.

Never do that. You can destroy your production data with a simple mistake in your local environment.

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Thanks for pointing this out! What would be the best procedure in this case, i.e. avoiding downtime in production when updating to Meteor 2.12?

Better send a support ticket to Galaxy support

Yes, I have. They replied:

Those steps you said might work fine, but as it is a productive environment, I would test it before in a more real scenario.

I suggest you start a staging environment in the Galaxy with the same code and a copy of the database. You create this update-only environment and delete it after updating

You can create a copy of your database in the MongoDB Atlas very quickly and start a new app in the galaxy very quickly too!

That sounds like a good way to proceed.