Mailchimp Meteor Integration


Hey guys,

I’ve been looking for and testing solutions to integrate the Mailchimp API (latest version) with Meteor, but couldn’t find one that works.

Any recommendations?



Hey @patrickcneuhaus,

I actually worked on this the past couple days!

I didn’t find any pre-built packages that seemed lightweight/maintained, so I ended up just using Meteor’s HTTP API to handle all the requests to Mailchimp. I didn’t need a ton of functionality, just building and maintaining Lists based on the users in my system. If you’re still looking for a package/wrapper, I’d say mailchimp-api-v3 is your best bet though.

Let me know if you could use any examples and I’d be happy to help.



Thanks for the reply! You gave me some real hopes here :smiley:
Can you give me an explanation (or maybe an example) about how you did it through HTTP?



I’m using mailgun API right now, it’s pretty good I haven’t looked into MailChimp.

Just use the http package( or however you do api requests) and you will be able to get a uri from either MailChimp or mailgun to make an http post to send the emails you want to send.

I made a whole mailing list with scheduling this way, been working like a charm. I’m using the Steve jobs package for scheduling.


Sure thing, works just like any other RESTful API. Here is a method that creates a member for a specific mailing list.

createMailchimpMember : function( ){

    // You probably want to do some permissions checking
    const apiKey = <YOUR-API-KEY> // Store this securely, like in your Meteor.settings
    const listId = <YOUR-LIST-ID> // Get this from Mailchimp
    const url    = `${listId}/members`;

    // Create the httpOpts with the auth (using your apiKey) and data
    const httpOpts = {
      auth : `Authorization:${apiKey}`,
      data :  {
        email_address : <EMAIL-ADDRESS>
        status        : 'subscribed',
        merge_fields  : {
          FNAME  : <FIRST-NAME>,
          LNAME  : <LAST-NAME>

    // Send the HTTP Post out to Mailchimp
    try {
      const response = url, httpOpts );

      // Do whatever you want with the response
      clog( `MailChimp Member Created - ${response}` );
    catch( err ){
      const errMsg = err.response.content;
      console.error( errMsg );