Mailto links no longer working in ios Cordova

I have a link that looks like

              <a href="mailto:">
                via email

I also tried`mailto:${this.emailAddress()}

and neither open in the email app on my device

I get the error

Failed to load resource: unsupported URL

I have also tried adding App.accessRule('mailto:*', {type: 'intent'});

Same issue there. With mailto: and tel:

Should that work ?

There used to be a bug :

Is that fixed ?

It probably still needs to be whitelisted - this is a security feature

@msavin Of course, but the whitelisting with :

App.accessRule( 'mailto:*', { launchExternal: true } );

Does not work.

@martijnwalraven said there was a Cordova bug in 2015. So maybe now it is fixed and I can set the whitelisting properly in mobile-config.js.

So, did anyone managed to make that work with App.accessRule ?