Main.html has wrong layout

I am new to Meteor and running on Windows 10. I am having a common issue so I am assuming I am doing something wrong on both the Todo tutorial and Whatsapp tutorial. I keep coming up with the following error.

While processing files with angular-templates (for target web.browser):
: main.html has wrong layout
at Error ()
at packages/urigo_static-html-compiler/src/index.ts:64:17
at Array.forEach (native)
at StaticHtmlCompiler.processFilesForTarget (packages/urigo_static-html-compiler/src/index.ts:48:11)

Any suggestions as to why that would be happening on both my apps? Thanks for your help in advance.

Any news on this regard? Iā€™m having the exact same problem.

Not yet, I have not heard yet from anyone in the forum.

maybe related?

@ymstudios I also have the same error but on diffrent line of index.js,
By the way, why your file extensions is ts instead of js.

I have the error because i put main.js on the root project folder as the tutorial page said. When i move main.js file inside the client folder, the error goes away.

Also you may want to remove any template tag on main.html, leaving only head tag or body tag or both.

Thanks for your advice on removing the template tag. That fixed it!! Not sure about the ts instead of js.

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Just downgrade angular to 1.5.9