Maintained fork of AutoForm (And other packages)

Hey everyone. I know many of you consider AutoForm and Blaze deprecated and many of you have moved away from these, but I also know there are people out there like me who cannot simply switch from Blaze to React or to other alternatives.

I started a project few years ago, the project is now ~200k lines of code (not including the dependencies). The cost of migrating to another UI framework for me is, a lot. Because of that I started forking and maintaining some of the libraries I used in my project.

I’m going to share these libraries with anyone who may find them useful. For now I cannot do feature requests, and I don’t have much time to fix bugs that do not affect me, but feel free to check the code, use it or make pull requests.

I’ve made a lot of changes on some of these libraries, specially AutoForm. I managed to reduce render time of one of my forms from 47 seconds to 0.2 seconds, however, I cannot guarantee these changes won’t break things for you, or if you can see a huge performance improvement like this.

A summary of all the changes I made to these libraries can be found in their README file. I haven’t published them on Atmosphere, you need to install from git. Here are the links:

Autoform (Performance enhancements and bug fixes):

Autoform Materialize (Breaking changes, lots of features added, might not be suitable for everyone):

Collection Hooks (Complete rewrite, this is not a fork, it’s a new library, doesn’t have same amount of features but has some features not present in the original collection hooks):

There are lots of other meteor related repos on my github page that you can check. I also maintain meteor for freebsd:

Anyone who uses pm2 for process management can use my pm2-grafana module:

You can also check my server configuration files (Meteor, FreeBSD, ZFS, PM2, Nginx, AWS):

The readme files aren’t that decent, I’ll try to improve them soon. I’m using all these in production and I’ll be maintaining them for at least a few years. If anyone wants to help, it’s much appreciated.


Thanks for providing these. You should coordinate with the meteor community packages project though so there aren’t multiple versions of these @storyteller


As @znewsham pointed out, you should probably fill a requests to include it in MCP. I think there will be quit a few people interested in this.


Great. I’m really happy to see Autoform has a good maintainer.


Thank you @guncebektas. I try my best!

@znewsham, @storyteller I was considering this as well. I’m using AutoForm in an ERP, currently in production and I have a few clients. As my business grows I’ll be able to provide more support for these packages (and other packages too) and I’m planning to support them for at least 5-6 years.

I clicked on the link you sent a few times, however I have a few concerns, the most important is that, I do not have much resources right now to support requests from the community, my focus is on my ERP and I do performance enhancements and bug fixes on AutoForm (and others) as the need arises. I don’t know how this’ll work if we include it in the MCP.


If we include your fork, you will have the same access as you have right now. In addition it will allow other people to step up to do/review PRs and then do releases.

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Fair enough, then I’ll start the process!

I have created a fair amount of autoform extensions and we use it heavily in our projects, so I would be really happy to see autoform being continued!

Please consider to support imajus:autoform-bootstrap4 which makes Autoform support Bootstrap 4 templates.

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Ok, here’s the link to MCP inclusion issue on github:

For now I’ll focus on bug fixes, modernizing the code and making the performance better.


There might be a whole bunch of significant apps out there written in Classsic Meteor. Maybe we need to showroom? #heyYouJustThrewTheBabyOutWithTheBathwater

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I’m building something new on Blaze and Iron Router. It’s still the easiest and fastest way to produce a web app (with a team of 1 developer). Plus it’s pretty easy for a web developer with minimal skills to figure out. After all of the React, Apollo and Npm folks abandon meteor, maybe we will rediscover the beauty of atmosphere packages, and start to see them updated. Long live Discover Meteor.