Major Redis-Oplog Success Story

From the recent Meteor blog post about

One day we faced one serious issue with mongo oplog. It turned out that the CPU went to 100%, and we were working to the bone to find out the reason for it. First, our team decided to perform profiling, but it did not give much of a result, so then we decided to ask on the Meteor forum.

Happily, Meteor has a great community around it, and we have found a cult-of-coders redis-oplog package. After we integrated it with our service and node.js back-end, CPU went down to its 10–20%, and it hasn’t risen higher since then, knock on wood…


That’s awesome to hear! I’ve long looked at Redis-oplog but haven’t used it yet. Would you care to share how you got it setup? I realize it may be an easy thing but curious if you had any setup/config issues, trouble with hosting options, any patches you needed for existing pub/subs, etc.

I haven’t used it myself yet. The article is about a different company.

Oh geez - I failed to see that. (todo: read actual article. :slight_smile: )

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