Make Meteor show more verbose/meaningful errors

When running my meteor project locally I inevitably get errors however they aren’t very friendly. They look like the below:

enter image description here

Is there a setting or package that can give me better error messages? For example; error messages that tell me what went wrong and the line of code and file where the error occurred?

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you have to get used with the error stack, make some test, for example call a non existant function and see where it appear

in some case there is a price to work with a full featured framework, for example if you close a span with forgetting the “/”, the message is very hard to figure out

for the image you gave, you maybe can add try{…}catch(err){console.log(“xxx”,err);} around your new block of code

I think this should be considered a bug. I have noticed that adding certain compilation packages can mess up the sourcemaps that are used to generate the traceback filenames properly. Might be worth filing an issue on the Meteor issue tracker.

considering the post of @hexsprite it would be good to see your .meteor/packages list.