Make the the single source of truth?


This came up at the weekly meeting. We have descriptions of frameworks at both the Velocity landing page and the Velocity readme. These overlap in content, which means there is a high risk that they will get out of sync and/or require extra work when things change.

I think there was an emerging consensus that the readme should basically say that if you want to learn about Velocity, go to the website (and remove framework descriptions, etc.), and keep the readme just for framework and velocity core developers. Does this seem like a good approach?

That would probably lead to the content down to “Test Framework Authors” being removed/migrated to the website.


If they are both rendered off Markdown, why can’t they both be the same file and have them sync somehow? Or pull the main into velocity for rendering and store it as rendered html for the velocity site?

We are Meteor devs, let’s do something interesting!