Making a child(sub) db in mongo instead of manual reference?

I have the bulk of my data in a database called Users and its shown via a {{quickForm}} … the data is user specific … (First_Name and Last_Name etc …)

Since the other data I want to display is going to have different possible outcomes, I have crated a custom UI template via {{afQuickfield}} to hide and unhide fields … everything displays fine and pulls in fine via a helper when I query the main Users db but with this other db (Users.AvatarOptions) the data just piles up and isn’t user specific (Avatar, Eyes and Hair etc …). How can I make this sub database react like the main db (i.e. adhere to the main Users role rules)

Basically this is a logical flaw on my part because I’m still thinking of the DB as a relational db. Should I use a manual reference for this ?