Making a MacOS desktop app using Meteor in 2020


What’s the state of the art for producing desktop apps with Meteor?

I tried creating a fresh install of Meteor’s “todo” app, and packaging it as a .app using the “meteor-electrify” package. However, the app doesn’t run once packaged using electrify package command.

I figure if I can’t get a fresh install of Meteor’s “todos” to work with that npm package, then it’s not the current best way to make an electron app using Meteor.

Sidenote: I know Cordova now includes electron. Does this mean Meteor apps can produce electron apps that way? (this is not a requirement, we have no problem using an external packager, so long as it can work. Or if we can be pointed to the right direction, we may build our own packager, but as of now we’re having a hard time making this work)


Is there something other than Electron that can enable us to create a macos app using meteor that can be distributed to the App Store?


It would be awesome to have an integration that makes it as simple as meteor run desktop


Please see my thread about getting meteor-desktop officially supported, it does exactly what you describe and is the right solution for Electron apps with Meter Meteor-desktop needs to have first-party support


I’ve always hoped that the Cordova option to add OS X (or windows) would be added to the list of supported “add-platform” targets.

If anyone wants to try it out, or has any suggestions (I’m very new to Cordova dev) here is my forked meteor repo.

You can test it out with “meteor add-platform osx” and then “meteor run osx”

I’m at the point where it runs, but it’s just a black desktop window.