Making a webpage builder with meteor?

Hello, everybody!

A little bit of background on the topic:
I am originally a Rails developer. I’ve picked up Rails in my freshman year at the university and I’ve learned a lot abut web development from it/with it. I was planning to do a massive senior project with Rails which would be a website builder/marketing analytics tool for online fitness trainers.

However, during the summer, I had this amazing opportunity to go on the other side of the globe and stay in the Silicon Valley for a week. There, I learned about Meteor and my relationship with Rails has been suffering since then.

My question is:
Is it possible to do a simple website builder with meteor/angular-meteor + angular material without much hassle? Is meteor the right framework for such project? Has anybody done anything similar? Can you recommend any packages for meteor that would be helpful for the project?

Any feedback is more than welcome!