Making SQL-database live via MongoDB sync?

  1. Has anybody tried to sync SQL-database to MongoDB using symmetricDS or other technologies, so MongoDB would provide livedata via Mongo Oplog methods to Meteor or pure Node.js apps, but all CRUD operations exceot R are proceeded into origin SQL-database?

  2. a) Who has tried to create SQL-replicate database which would store origin tables + oplog-mimicing columns? By my understanding MySQL Binary Log is not even close to Oplog in a manner of realibility and documentation. b) I wonder if people have succeeded on listening MySQL Binary Log changes in rapid intervals and pushing the new data to clients via websockets?

I would love to find a way to make SQL data live some how. I have read that ASP.NET provides tools for MSSQL, but what about MySQL and others.

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Check out numtel:mysql for use case 2.