Making template events capturing

I’m trying to use VLCs Plugin Embed Events from The template events system.

The VLC Documentation about it says I have to use false as the third argument, which means (From MDN) useCapture=false:
target.addEventListener(type, listener[, useCapture, wantsUntrusted ]); // Gecko/Mozilla only

How do I do this via meteor?

What I have already tried, and doesn’t work:

  •{"MediaPlayerPositionChanged embed": console.log.bind(console)});

Does it not work with what you have? Have you tried using a normal event listener in Meteor and it didn’t get the event you were looking for?

@sashko Yes, have tried the regular way, sorry for not mentioning that, edited the OP post.

I wrote this little gist that monkeypatches the events so that meteor will get them the regular meteor way.