Manage data of multiple visitors without user accounts


Hey, we want to use meteor for an online study design: people answer a form and enter some additional information (e.g. set a cover photo - this happens before starting/displaying the form, putting it in the form is not an option).

I don’t really want users to need to create an account (this usually deters potential study participants), however I need to save form+photo information from multiple users, potentially accessing the site at roughly the same time.

How do I do this while making sure the information of one user stays together? I know (theoretically) how to save stuff in a database, but I’m unsure on what happens when different users access the site at the same time.

Please bear with me - I’m not a computer scientist, but a student of social science, however I’m eager to learn. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


That’s easily answered: Each user gets his own instance of the site - as long as you yourself do not program for interaction between users, then there will be no interaction.
If you then save their answers into a database (any sane database, really) their entries will automatically get a unique id. Of course it’s then up to you to make sure that you can link those answers to your questionaires but that’s trivial.


Okay, that’s great, thanks for the quick answer (sounds like even I will be able to do it).