Managing node packages with Yarn

I made a quick video, more node based than Meteor this time.

Has anyone tried Yarn with Meteor yet?

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We use yarn with meteor for our products, it works great!

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Nice, didn’t even think to check until I posted the video here :laughing:

Yep - we’re also using yarn with Meteor.


Is yarn playing nicely with Meteor these days?

Nope, sure doesn’t. :frowning: And it’s not a yarn issue either, because I made a standard React app with create-react-app and added meteor-node-stubs and intercom-client, and on the browser side when I import both asn1 and asn1.js, they are indeed different as they should be:

But in a Meteor project:

And I realize intercom-client is a very specific package, but my point is that this could occur with any package out there, unexpectedly, and cause major problems in a Meteor project. This is definitely a Meteor bug. I’ll file an issue now with a link to a reproduction repo.

@benjamn fixed it! It’ll be in the 1.4.4 release.