Managing Social Accounts - Linking

I have an app and I have normal login with email and password… Here’s my scenario. I have an app (app in the apple app store… mostly API driven) and I want the ability for a user to link their social account to their account.

  1. User Signs up with nomal email/password
  2. User links account, we fetch the user account with facebook token
  3. We find the user with the matching facebook id in the user collection
  4. We want to provide the user with a way to use their facebook profile

should i just add a field to linkedProfiles with the users ID? Any ideas here on patterns? OR any gotchas?


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There have been several threads about this, and I don’t think there is a well-established best practice. Excited to hear what you come up with, perhaps other people have some experience as well!

There is this package ( that does something similar to what you’re looking for. Might be worth taking a look at.

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another package i’ve used is , and it works pretty well.