Manual subscriptions (added/changed/removed) -- do I ever need to call this.removed?

Hey guys and gals,

quick question:

If I do manual subscription management using this.added and this.changed, does Meteor itself do some magic behind the scenes and keep some kind of cache of records I have added / changed? If that were the case, I’d have to call this.removed at some point to clear records from the cache again.

But as I understand it Meteor should not be doing any sort of keeping track of which of my custom objects/records I’m exchanging with the client. Am I correct in that assumption? I couldn’t find quickly the piece of code in Meteor code itself that would answer this question, so I thought I’d ask you guys.

Background, if that’s interesting / relevant: I’m sort of misusing Meteor’s subscriptions to implement a simple non-record-based pubsub system, i.e. just passing any kind of message from server to client. Maybe I’m being silly in attempting doing that over DDP which is clearly about communicating about data. Is there a different and better, more streamlined way of using Meteor’s websocket for non-data/records-based pubsub?