Many to many; best source of information for newbies?


I’m learning Meteor. I read the guide. Then I bought some books.

Now I’m very confused:

  1. The official meteor guide seems to say little about what I figured would be one of the first and most pressing needs that a new developer would run into, eg. one to many and many to many relationships in the data model.
  2. The guide suggests many third party packages. Why doesn’t the Meteor company provide out of the box packages for what seems to be core features? Can I rest assured that these 3rd party packages will not break or be replaced?
  3. Reading some of popular online books, they have more details on how to tackle, say, many to many data, but suggest different packages that are not mentioned in the official guide.

I can’t seem to see the forest for the trees; on which path should I proceed?

I have the following books:

  • Your first Meteor Application: by Turnbull (too simplistic)
  • Discover Meteor: by ?
  • Meteor Design Patterns: Reyna


Just pick one approach and go with it. I’d follow the guide’s approach by default (reywood:publish-composite as per

I’ve done Discover Meteor back in the day and enjoyed it. It’s probably the most popular of the books.

Another thing to avoid is over-emphasis on learning as opposed to doing. Maybe you should build a project. When you get stuck check out the guide, then check out the example apps and copy some code.


Thank you, that’s good advice. :slight_smile: